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About Big SleepOut

SleepOut with ypblackandwhite (Preview) History: The St Basils SleepOut started in 1990 and the principle behind it is simple; People volunteering to 'rough it' for a night so that sponsorship money can be raised to help prevent youth homelessness. This event is not an exercise in 'what it's like to be homeless', it is a fundraising event that also helps raise the awareness of homeless issues to the wider community.
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Sleeping Out!:
You will be sleeping outside, on a car park, in winter. But be prepared and you will enjoy this event.

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Date: The St Basils Big SleepOut takes place on a Friday in either November or December every year.


St Basils car park, Allcock Street,
Digbeth, Birmingham, B9 4DY.

women sleepout Times: The event starts at 6pm and goes on all through the night until 6am the next morning. Entry to the event is from 6pm to 10pm on the Friday evening. No admission is allowed after this time unless via pre-arrangement with the Big SleepOut Team (Tel: 0121 772 9614).
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Terms & Conditions: Everyone wishing to take part in this event must read the Big SleepOut Terms & Conditions first. At the event you will be asked to sign a waver form which states that you have read, understand and will abide by the Terms & Conditions of the event. Failure to do this will result in you NOT taking part in the event.

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Age requirement: You must
be over 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
(1 adult to 3 children). The minimum age for participation is 12.
The sponsorship target is a rough guide to give you something to aim for. We do understand that students/ teenagers in particular may stuggle to raise this. Other people may raise far more which is fantastic!

no drugs or alcohol Alcohol & Drugs: For your own safety and others, consumption of either will not be tolerated.

If you are seen with alcohol it will be confiscated. If you are seen with drugs the police will be informed.

In both instances the organiser reserve the right to ask you to leave the event regardless of the time.

Remember there are families at this event and also drinking alcohol in low temperatures can be highly dangerous.

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Facilities: There is a canteen open from 6pm until 11.30pm serving hot food and drinks. Bring plenty of £1 and 50p coins. Free Breakfast (toast, tea & coffee) starts at 4.30am the next morning.

There are male, female and disabled toilet available throughout the night.

12 BIG SleepOut Claudia Santillo Santillio Consultancy and Recca Barry ENL Legal.jpg Jaffabox Creative Cardboard Competition: There is a prize for the dwelling/construction judged 'Best on the Night'.

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First Aid: St John's Ambulance are on hand for the duration of the event. Please inform the organisers of any health concerns you may have before registering for this event.
aeon cool Entertainment: We have a resident DJ from 6pm until midnight.

There is also a presentation from the young people of St Basils, inside the main building during the evening, which explains what St Basils does and why we need your financial support. Finally there is a service at Midnight with Carols.

jaffa truck Sleeping equipment: We provide you with a large cardboard box and a mattress sized plastic bag for your dwelling on the night, but we strongly advise you come wrapped up in lots of warm water proof clothing. You are sleeping outside on a car park in winter! It's cold but it's fun!
bsv sleepers Bring: Some people do manage to get a good night's sleep so bring anything with you that will help you have a more comfortable sleep, like sleeping bags, blankets, more cardboard, tape, plastic sheeting and more warm clothes.

But don't bring dogs. No dogs are allowed at this event.

get sponsoerd Sponsorship: The St Basils Big SleepOut is FREE and designed so that you can participate in a fun but challenging event whilst raising money for St Basils. The easiest way to do this is by sponsorship and donations. So don't forget to tell everyone you are doing this to help you raise as much as you can. Sponsor forms will be sent to you after you have registered.

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Sleep! Respect for others: Lights Out & Quiet is at 1pm. Please keep conversation as quiet as possible.
Behaviour: Unruly behaviour is not tolerated at this event and the organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the site. Security is constantly patrolling all areas throughout the night to ensure the safety of those taking part.

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Leaving the site: St Basils cannot take responsibility for the safe conduct of participants travelling to and from this event. You will have to make your own arrangements regarding travel. The event finishes at 6am on the Saturday morning, but if anyone wishes to leave before then we can provide them with local taxi numbers, so please bring enough money to get yourself home safely should you wish to leave before the end.
12 BIG SleepOut Harvey Nichols.jpg Certificate: In the morning at the FREE breakfast (Toast, tea/coffee) in the canteenevery one gets a Certificate of Acheivement.

If you take part in the legendary
St Basils Big SleepOut
you will have earnt it!

To register please click on the following link: Register for BIG SleepOut 2013

If you need further information please contact the Big SleepOut Team on 0121 772 9614 or email us at