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About Us

St Basils has a 42 year track record of helping homeless young people providing a holistic range of services including prevention, accommodation and support.

We work with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping over 5000 young people per year across Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull, Worcestershire, the Wyre Forest and Coventry. At any one time we have over 400 young people living in our accommodation schemes, which for some young people includes their young children as well.

We have a range of advice, accommodation and support services to help young people regain the stability they need to rebuild their lives, gain skills, training and employment and move on, successfully breaking the cycle of homelessness, so that they can realise a brighter future.

We desperately need local support and help to continue our vital services and make sure young people can get the help they need. Please donate today.

We are a West Midlands based charity providing practical help, advice and support across the Midlands but we have national influence too.St Basils also works with young people and partners on a national basis and this work is funded separately by DCLG. We facilitate the National Youth Reference Group and the Youth Homeless Parliament and we are working in partnership to roll out the 'Positive Pathways' model nationwide. We are also part of the national alliance to End Youth Homelessness.

Preventing Youth Homelessness

We prevent youth homelessness with a helpline, advice, a schools project and a family mediation service.

For young people who have become homeless, St Basils has a range of supported options from emergency projects that are staffed 24/7 onto varying degrees of semi-independent accommodation.

We also have designated support services which aim to help young people realise a brighter future by gaining the skills needed to move on successfully to independent living and access education, training and employment, in order to develop confidence, skills and opportunities, and ultimately stop the cycle of homelessness.

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Headlines Stats

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No. of young people who sought our help by year

  • During 2012-13 we provided advice and support to 5,114 young people via our single access points offering homelessness prevention support services.
  • During 2012-13 we supported 628 young people and their family members with a Family Mediation service. 87% of these achieved a postive outcome.
  • During 2012-13 we accommodated 871 young people across Birmingham, Solihull and North Worcestershire and in some case their young children too. In some projects, Young people can stay for up to two years.
  • During 2012-13 we re-engaged 75% of our young people who were NEET with Employment, Education and Training
  • During 2012-13 92% of our young people moved on in a planned way

Summary of St Basils Services

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  • St Basils works with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • St Basils works to prevent youth homelessness with a helpline (Youthline), Housing aid and advice services, a Schools training and mentoring project (STAMP) and a Family Mediation Service
  • St Basils has 27 supported accommodation projects across Birmingham, Solihull and North Worcestershire
  • Over 400 young people live with St Basils at any one time
  • St Basils helps 5000 young people per year
  • St Basils has 3 emergency accommodation projects
  • St Basils has 3 supported lodgings schemes helping young care leavers learn to look after themselves and avoid homelessness
  • St Basils has 2 designated mother and baby units
  • St Basils offers accredited Life Skills courses to young residents
  • St Basils has extensive Learning, Skills and Work Programmes
  • St Basils has a Youth Advisory Board, Resident Reps and other involvement opportunities for young people


Who we help

We work with young people aged 16 – 25 including some young mums and dads, so at anytime housed within our projects there may be babies, toddlers and young children as well.

Sarah, 23 said: "I was working full time in the fashion industry, when I got pregnant and my partner left me. Around the same time the company I worked for were laying off staff and I got made redundant, so I couldn't pay the rent. I'm living proof that homelessness can happen to anyone. St Basils wasn't just a roof over my head, all the staff were so positive and encouraging and gave me opportunities to turn things around for myself and my daughter. I'm still receiving some support from St Basils but I've got my own place and I'm back in work now part-time".

Alan, 18 said: I became homeless due to family breakdown when my mother decided to choose her new partner over me. She suddenly one day told me to get out of the house and with the behaviour from her partner, I had no choice but to leave. I got an appointment at St Basils and was given a place at St Basils Emergency Accommodation project Milner Court. After 3 months I was moved on to St Basils Foyer Edmonds Court. It was great to be part of a community where all the young people are in work, employment or training. St Basils youth involvement opportunities really helped build my confidence and self esteem. I am currently at University studying French, Japenese and teaching English as a foreign language".

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How we help - Prevention Services

Homelessness is a complex issue and has many causes but some of the issues that most effect young people are abuse, neglect, family breakdown and overcrowding.

We have a range of prevention services aimed at helping young people who are having problems or may be at risk of homelessness including housing aid and advice and a family mediation service. These services aim to help prevent a crisis situation occuring for young people, as if a young person suddenly finds themselves roofless they may struggle to keep their job or may not be able to finish their education. Once a young person loses their job, they may struggle to find their own home through traditional means. St Basils therefore has a range of projects which provide accommodation whilst supporting and encouraging young people to enter further education or find a job so that ultimately they can learn how to live independently, support themselves financially and move on to their own accommodation separate from St Basils.

How we help - Supported Accommodation

St Basils has 28 supported accommodation projects across Birmingham, Solihull and North Worcestershire to help young people who find themselves homeless. We have over 400 flats or bedsits to meet various needs from emergency and fully supported accommodation on to semi-independent accommodation.

How we help - Support Services

We have an OCN accredited Life Skills programme aimed at helping our residents learn the skills to be independent such as cooking and budgeting. This is particularly useful for those aged 16-18 and our young care leavers. We actively encourage all young people living at St Basils projects to get involved in some form of volunteering, education, training or to seek paid work. We have a designated learning skills and work programme providing advice and guidance on education, employment and training.

How to access these services

To access any of St Basils services the housing helpline Youthline is your first point of call, if you are a young person living in Birmingham. For North Worcestershire referrals please call 01527 572050. You don't have to be homeless to ask for our help. If you are aged 16 to 25 and experiencing problems at home or with family please get in touch now; call us on 0300 30 30 099. If you are a support worker and want to refer a young person to us, please complete the referral form below:

Complete an Online Youthline Application Form Now (Click Here!)

Once you are with us you will have access to all of the above as well as many opportunities for developing yourself through getting involved in or organising activities and events, joining our Youth Advisory Board and gaining valuable experience. Ultimately you will leave us and move on with your life in a planned and successful way and be able to maintain your own tenancy or private accommodation.

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The End Youth Homelessness Alliance

Launched on 8th May 2013, we are now part of the End Youth Homelessness Alliance. The Alliance is a unique national collaboration between business, health professionals and regional youth homelessness charities working to 'End Youth Homelessness'.

The End Youth Homelessness campaign focuses on pushing for change in the key areas of prevention and family support, employment, housing and health to ensure that homeless young people can secure both a home and a job and have the support networks needed to realise a positive future.

You can find out more at or visit the Facebook page at You can also follow @eyh_uk and @StBasilsCharity on Twitter.

Support St Basils!

To ensure we can continue our vital services here in the Midlands, we need to raise at least £700,000 per year. You can help! We hold fundraising activities throughout the year which you can get involved in, including the annual sponsored walk usually in June, sponsored BIG Sleepout usually in late November/early December, the St Basils Bake Off in September and a range of smaller activities throughout the year. Perhaps you or your company, community or faith group could organise your own car washing day, cycling challenge or skydive. Whatever your idea please call the fundraising team on 0121 772 9614 to discuss it and we will endeavour to provide you with all the support, materials and promotion you need to make it a success!

Here's why we need your help: